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Precision Productions of Colorado
Contact Precision Productions at 719.210.9263 or email precisionproductions@rocketmail.com today for your video project. Precision Productions is here for all your video needs!

Precision Productions is a full-service, broadcast quality, high definition production and post-production company. We specialize in producing Internet based, video web commercials, Internet video seminars (webinars), and online video training courses. We can handle your entire production from script to screen, and we have the ability to shoot on location, or in a studio environment. Since we own most of the equipment needed for our productions, we are able to pass on incredible savings to our clients, due to the high costs of rental equipment. So, if your needs are commercial, infomercial, web commercial or entertainment oriented, we have the expertise to deliver high-end production value at a low budget cost. Contact us for your next video production. 
Web commercials are not only a great way to impact customers; they're also a great way to get NEW customers! Using cutting edge search engine optimization techniques, we can show you how a web commercial can greatly increase your effectiveness in the search engines!
Video is PERSONAL! With a web commercial, prospective customers feel comfortable using your service, or buying from your business because they already know what to expect before picking up the phone, or walking in the door.
WEB COMMERCIALS – A web commercial or Internet video is an eye-catching marketing presentation targeted towards the emotional side of the viewer. These presentations are dynamic in nature and may include animation, music, voice, and high-impact video. A web commercial is similar to a traditional television commercial, but designed for delivery over the Internet. Once your web commercial has been completed, it can loaded onto your website, loaded on other websites, and most importantly, loaded on Google Video, Yahoo Video, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, etc.
A well-produced web commercial is designed to;
Motivate – customers to make a decision about your product or service.
Demonstrate – all the particular and relevant information about your product or service.
Communicate – why your product or service is better than the rest, or why clients should use your product or service. Communicate your story!
Educate – clients or potential clients how to properly use your product or service, or to train others how to sell your product or service.
For more online exposure, everyone knows video works. As a matter of fact, Forrester Research found that videos are 50 times more likely to appear on the first page of results than common text pages. When it comes to those odds, if your business doesn’t have a video – you really should reconsider your marketing strategy. And if your business does have a video online… Congratulations! You have just competed the first step in expanding your market.
The next step to really promote your business and maximize your views is simple: It’s all about video marketing. Video marketers around the globe understand that it is the most powerful closing tool on the Internet. And now, your business should, too.
So, why has video marketing become essential to market growth? Its pretty much logic that if you only feature your video on one venue, your traffic flow is, well, extremely limited. Distributing your video to a variety of channels helps you get the most out of your video investment. By using other venues (such as YouTube, Twitter and Facebook) you can draw people back into your site - improving your search engine rankings and multiplying you’re marketing results. Precision Productions not only offers you superior web video production services, but we can also help you gain more product and brand awareness with video marketing. By using social media and other new trends in technology, we’ll increase your online presence to generate more traffic onto your site. Contact us and we’ll show you how! Seriously, the results will speak for themselves.
TRAINING VIDEO PRODUCTIONYou can train employees from afar with quality videos. Instead of spending money to travel to all of your stores or businesses, make videos that clearly and concisely teach new hires or update current employees on new business procedures easily.  
TRADE SHOW PRODUCTIONSGrab attention at your trade-show booth with a product promotion or company marketing video on a continuous loop from a massive screen monitor.
ONLINE VIDEO TRAININGSave time and money by delivering training in video format. Employees, as well as distributors, partners and even customers can get timely product information and advanced training from every location.
CORPORATE VIDEO PRODUCTIONHave videos created to spread the word about new corporate initiatives and policies to be distributed across all of your corporation’s businesses.
PROMOTIONAL VIDEO PRODUCTIONPromote your products and services through videos that are relevant and interesting. Show these videos online and help to cultivate new business through increased web hits.
MARKETING VIDEO PRODUCTIONEasily market your products through your website or on YouTube and other web video sites to viewers in an effective and inspiring way.
Jeff Pearson – Owner / Operator 
If we were to choose a few key words that describe Jeff Pearson, they would be Cutting Edge, Innovator and Workaholic. Jeff Pearson has such an entrepreneurial brain; he’s constantly spinning out new ideas to improve on current products, changing the way things are done, or researching cutting edge techniques that move him ahead of the pack. When Jeff Pearson has a “vision” he’s tenacious! He won’t let the idea escape until he’s reached his criteria of perfection, which is another one of his impressive traits. He doesn’t do anything half way – he “tweaks” and “tweaks” until his project is the best it can be, which has always been better than the rest. Jeff Pearson is dedicated to providing high-quality video services and customer satisfaction. He will strive to meet your video expectations whether your project is BIG and complex or small and basic. Precision Productions is here for all your video needs — from start to completion — lighting, directing, shooting, audio mixing, graphics packages, post production and editing. After 20 years in the broadcast and video production industries, he has decided to make his expertise available to you. Jeff Pearson's goal for Precision Productions is to provide the highest quality and best production value for your budget. Precision Productions provides the latest innovative tools to provide optimal results. Professional HD cameras, lighting kits, green screen, audio processing, switchers, graphic generation, high-end editing and post-production equipment. Whether your shoot is local or requires travel, Precision Productions is dedicated to providing the best support and service in your area.  
Contact Precision Productions at 719.210.9263 or email PPofCO@precisionproductionsofcolorado.com Today for your next video project.
Precision Productions is here for all your video needs!  
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